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Overview          Black Magic

The Black Magic series of capacitive discharge firing systems can literally fire hundreds of e-matches simultaneously on a single series wire that can be thousands of feet long.  Its oversized capacitor releases 250 volts of power so fast that it has been used to fire over 200 e-matches in a single shot.

Black Magic Firing Systems are also the firing system of choice for pyrotechnicians that only need to fire a few e-matches per show.  The unit is compact and self contained in a durable, waterproof case with an internal battery.  Its simple, easy to use layout allows the shooter to concentrate on the fireworks themselves as opposed to a complicated firing system.

The Black Magic comes in 3 versions to meet the needs and budget of almost any pyrotechnician.  The Black Magic I is a single shot system that packs a lot more power than its size would suggest.  The Black Magic II is our most popular unit and has built-in terminals for 12 selectable cues.  The Black Magic III is similar with 12 cues, but it also has a remote firing module and a 100' cable.

All systems have separate arm and fire switches to prevent accidental firing.  Continuity check circuit is integrated into the system and can be accessed without arming the system.  All systems are powered by a single internal, replaceable 9v alkaline battery that is good for hundreds of cues.


 Overview  Features  Specifications  Pricing  Manuals 


Can fire an extremely large number of e-matches on a single long series wire.

No charge time required, can fire instantly

Keyed Power/Arm switch for security and safety (II and III)

Two Button arm/fire system prevents accidental ignition

Built in continuity tester designed for large, high-resistance circuits

"No bounce" switch circuitry provides a steeper power curve to increase the efficiency of the firing circuit.  Therefore, it can reliably fire many more e-matches than a standard 250v capacitive discharge system.

ARM indicator gives indication of battery strength.

Durable waterproof case

Comes in three variations:

Black Magic I is a single cue unit

Black Magic II is a 12 cue unit

Black Magic III is a 12 cue unit with remote connection module.

Easy and inexpensive to replace internal 9v Alkaline power source.

Rugged design from cases, to connectors, to wires can handle the harsh environment expected at a display


 Overview  Features  Specifications  Pricing  Manuals 




Black Magic II

12 cue compact unit in industrial ABS waterproof case.

24 terminals allow easy connection of 12 cues.

12 position, clearly marked cue selection switch.

Can fire up to 2400 e-matches (200 per cue simultaneously, 12 cues)

Keyed  arm switch

Other specifications identical to Black Magic I.






Black Magic III

Same features as Black Magic II

Adds a port, 100' cable, and 12 cue remote module.

Unit can be used with or without remote module.

Port and cable are standard VGA style 15-pin D sub connectors.

Remote module also enclosed in industrial ABS weatherproof case.








 Overview  Features  Specifications  Pricing  Manuals 


 List Price     Discount


Black Magic II (12 cue)$599$499
Black Magic III (remote or local 12 cue) $857 $749


 Overview  Features  Specifications  Pricing  Manuals 


PDF Black Magic 1 Instructions

PDF Black Magic II Instructions


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DISCLAIMER:  The purpose of this equipment is to cause initiation of industry standard Pyrotechnic electric matches to ignite display type fireworks or pyrotechnic special effects.  Fireworks and special effects materials are explosives and may cause personal injuries or death to yourself or others, including spectators. SAFETY IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY and is beyond the control of PYROMATE Inc.  The buyer / user assumes all responsibility and liability in the use of this equipment and further agrees, by purchase and /or use of this equipment, to indemnify and hold harmless PYROMATE Inc. and its agents against all liability for injury, loss, or damage direct or consequential arising out of the use of, or inability to use this equipment.  Any subsequent purchaser is also bound by these conditions of sale. There is no 30 day trial period as printed in previous ads or Flyers. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Terms, 1-All Systems are built to order and require a non refundable 20% down payment and Cancellation of said orders are subject to a 20% restocking fee.  There will be a 4% Fee on credit or debit card orders.

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